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Free from curiosity of whereabouts of your loved ones and initiate closer connection with them via GPS mobile phone tracking. Come and track phone location by number on GPS Sharing!
Locate the whereabouts of any cell phone in seconds
Smooth Operation on Multi Devices
The phone locator supports you to track real-time phone location irrespective of mobile brands and carriers.
Global Geolocation with Absolute Precision
The unmissable phone lookup tool can find exact location of phone number on an online map.
100% Secure and Legal Service
In compliance with GDPR policy, geolocation only can be activated with the prior consent of the requested person. You can not use the service to track person outside your family.

Why Should GPS Sharing Be on Your Top List?

Track Any Phone Without App Installation
All tracking process will be implemented online. There is no need for you to install any tracking app. Just a few clicks can help you track your family members by phone number.
Fulfill Unlimited Geolocation Requests Globally
The phone number is the only key to the tool. You can locate any phone via a phone number around the world for numerous times.
Simplicity of Mobile Location Tracking
The considerate interface design can make it easy for you to enable our service. In addition, out step-by-step guideline and 24/7 support are always with you online.
Locate Any Phone Instantly and Accurately
You can track your family's exact location within a maximum speed and minimum inaccuracy. Say no to long wait for a result!

Steps for You to Locate a Phone Number

Type in Number
Key in the phone number you plan to locate and get ready to track a cell phone.
Make a secure payment by your credit card.
Prepare for Result
Type in a phone number for receiving the geolocation result.
Receive the Result
Check the sent message and track phone location immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Sharing is one of the highest-class GPS phone lookup tools on the globe. We back up our service with FAQ to help you find answers as needed.
What Is GPS Sharing?
GPS Sharing is a cutting-edge phone number tracker that can identify the precise location of a cell phone via just a phone number. The online tool can work on any phone model, brand and carrier. You will enjoy zero restrictions when you are locating a cell phone with the tool.
    Is it legal to use GPS Sharing?
    Yes, our service complies with GDPR policy. You can absolutely use GPS Sharing if you have gained the prior consent of the requested person. By using the service you confirm that you do not intend to use it for any illicit purpose. Otherwise, your account will be closed without notifying you in advance.
      Can You Use GPS Sharing to Locate a Lost Cell Phone?
      Of course, yes. You are just good to activate the features including:
      1. Locate any phone of any brand regardless of time and space
      2. Track the real-time location of your loved ones
      3. Find your employees’ location via phone number
      Should You Choose a Free Phone Number Tracker?
      Listen, everyone wants to purchase something with the most favorable price. However, many free phone number tracking websites result in leakage of your private information, malwares and so on. You are tracking someone at the sacrifice of your valuable information. Therefore, just choose the reliable one with affordable price.